Check the Culture before you Change

ebook-200Are you engaged at work? Are you content, productive and contributing your best? Are you thriving? Most people would answer these questions with a firm No. According to the infamous Gallup research, only 13% of workers is engaged, worldwide. This means there is a staggering 87% of untapped potential while the world is struggling with serious challenges such as the climate, sustainability, pollution, poverty, human rights, inequality, globalization, de-industrialization, refugees and migration, banking crises, tax havens, war, and conflict…

This means there is a staggering 87% of untapped potential…!

Organizations need everyone aboard to transcend their challenges of increasing global competition, the battle for efficiency and low cost, staying up to date with the technology race, recruiting and retaining the best people, etc. – or else, they can’t contribute to the world with their products and services.

Change is a core competence

Change has become a core competence for all organizations. Not only disruptive, dramatic, transformational change but also small continuous change – improvements, adjustments, updates of technology, systems, processes, collaboration, etc. – is needed to keep organizations functioning.

However, many organizations are dangerously bad at change. Their culture and structure are holding them back.

Whether small or big – change is the name of the game. Whether your project is a huge merger, a major new strategy, a relocation, downsizing, or “just” the implementation of a new IT system, another appraisal procedure or intensified contact with multicultural freelance workers – check the culture before you start, check the culture that you’d need, and apply positive leadership wherever you can to engage everyone involved.

In my new E-book, we’ll look at how organizational change can be successful, and the fundamental reasons why it often fails. We will see how organizational culture can help or hinder.

Organizational Culture can help or hinder…

We’ll map the culture with the OCAI culture survey based on the Competing Values Framework, and engage people in small Change Circles. We’ll check into the relatively new field of Positive Leadership that can make a huge difference to positive organizational change and culture. Ultimately, our aim is to create positive organizations where both people and performance thrive.

If you want to learn how to work with culture and the OCAI culture assessment to develop successful change, check out the eBook “How to guide Positive Change with Culture and Positive Leadership”.

Copyright Marcella Bremer 2016. All rights reserved.

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